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Distinguish yourself with a certified professional course

Schouten Global offers a number of certified professional courses. An overview is provided below. Besides that, Schouten Global offers in-company training courses: in-house training programs which are run at your business premises, anywhere in the world. 

We also offer a rich suite of learning and development solutions that support your organization in leading your business to high performance.

Co-Active Coaching (CTI)

Changing people, transforming lives: developed by industry leader CTI (Co-Active Training Institute).

Co-Active Coaching | Fundamentals

  • Focus on transformative one-on-one coaching
  • Promotes higher performance, stronger connections and deeper fulfillment
  • Part one of the five-month Co-Active® Coach training program

Co-Active Coaching | Virtual Fundamentals

  • NEW: Co-Active Fundamentals as an online course in a virtual classroom

Co-Active Coaching | Intermediate

  • The second phase of becoming a professional Co-Active® coach
  • Position yourself to become an ICF-accredited Co-Active® coach
  • Join the international community of 22,000 Co-Active® coaches

Co-Active Coaching | Virtual Intermediate

  • NEW: Co-Active Intermediate as an online course in a virtual classroom

Co-Active Coaching | Certification Program

  • A final 6 month 1-on-1 program that makes you eligible to earn official certification with the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Become fully prepared to earn your Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) designation
  • One of the most highly respected and sought-after certifications in the coaching industry

Co-Active Coaching | Package deals

Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (CRR Global)

Groundbreaking model for coaching relationship systems in organizations and groups, teams, partnerships and couples.

ORSC | Fundamentals

  • ORSC™ is a powerful tool that reshapes your approach to relationships
  • The Fundamentals course is the introduction to the ORSC™ training program
  • It is the world’s only ICF-accredited training for relationship systems coaches

ORSC | Virtual Fundamentals

  • NEW: ORSC Fundamentals as an online course in a virtual classroom


  • Like ORSC Fundamentals, the ORS@Work course is the introduction to the ORSC™ training program
  • Understand team dynamics more fully
  • Benefits any professional who is interested in expanding their leadership and coaching skills
  • Align individual differences to achieve better results for the collective whole

ORSC | Intermediate

  • ORSC™ Intermediate is the upper-level training for ORSC™ certification
  • It expands on key concepts you learn during the introductory ORSC™ Fundamentals or ORS@Work courses
  • It gives you the skills you need to help teams and relationships reach their full potential

ORSC | Virtual Intermediate

  • NEW: ORSC Intermediate as an online course in a virtual classroom

ORSC | Package deals

Walk the talk

  • Walk the Talk; personal development for ORSC™ relationship systems coaches
  • Learn what it means to walk the talk of right relationship
  • This program can be used to earn 18 ICF Resource Development credits


  • Use tools and techniques that help you and your partner facilitate together
  • Learn to create successful, transformative, high-impact learning together
  • Create consistently and intentionally together in training or coaching
  • Co-deliver in-sync with your partner

Training for Trainers

Schouten Global's internationally recognized certification program for trainers and facilitators

Training for trainers

International Certified Training For Trainers Program

Soft skill trainers give support to others to reach their full potential. We believe everybody has potential. It is the job of a professional trainer to facilitate others to unleash that potential, so people become happier and more effective at what they do. During the 'Training for trainers' you will learn the necessary skillset to develop the softs skills of others.

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