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Distinguish yourself with a certified professional course

Schouten Global offers a number of certified professional courses. An overview is provided below. Besides that, Schouten Global offers in-company training courses: in-house training programs which are run at your business premises, anywhere in the world. 

We also offer a rich suite of learning and development solutions that support your organization in leading your business to high performance.

  • Co-active coaching (CTI)
    Changing people, transforming lives: developed by industry leader CTI (Coaches Training Institute).
  • Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (CRR Global)
    Groundbreaking model for coaching relationship systems in organizations and groups, teams, partnerships and couples.
  • The Leadership Circle Profile Certification
    The Leadership Circle Profile™ is a powerful, 360º tool that offers more than just insight into learning competencies.
  • Training for Trainers
    Accelerate your career: during the Training for Trainers you will learn the necessary skillset to develop the softs skills of others.

Co-Active Coaching (CTI)

Co-Active Coaching | Fundamentals

  • Support others in achieving their personal goals
  • Empower the skills your client already possesses
  • Ask powerful questions to consolidate changes
  • Increase your professional coaching toolset by using the Co-active cornerstones and the philosophy

Co-Active Coaching | Intermediate

  • Use visualization and imagery to help clients define their futures
  • Support people to discover their values, purposes and potential and living to them
  • Identify a client's self-defeating influences
  • Coach clients in opportunity-based rather than circumstance-based planning

Co-Active Coaching | Certification Program

  • A professional credential from the world’s best applied-practice coach training program
  • In-depth and personalized feedback about your coaching from experienced coaches
  • Learning by modeling pioneers in the industry
  • Belonging to a powerful network of professional colleagues, Certified Professional Co-active Coaches

Co-Active Coaching | Package deals

  • If you intend to do both Fundamentals and Intermediate you can register with an attractive package discount

Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (CRR Global)

ORSC | Fundamentals

  • Evoke and work with a deeper meaning in systems
  • Reveal the wisdom and power of systems and use them for achieving common goals
  • Facilitate transformational change in teams, organizations and relations
  • Defuse a conflict using alignment skills


  • The same skills, tools and content as Fundamentals
  • Uses scenarios and practice exercises that have been contextualized for the workplace
  • Recommended to those who are part of the system, such as coaches, managers, leaders, those in the Human Resources, Organizational Development or training fields

ORSC | Intermediate

  • Integrate the skills and tools of Relationship Intelligence, System Geography and Relationship Path
  • Apply coaching techniques for deepening and managing emotionally intense issues
  • Understand the function of relationship structures
  • Recognize and help manage the need for periodic change in these structures

ORSC | Package deals

  • If you intend to do both Fundamentals or ORS@Work and Intermediate you can register with an attractive package discount

The Leadership Circle Profile Certification (TLCPC)

The Leadership Circle Profile Certification

  • Get certified to work with The Leadership Circle Profile™
  • Be able to start up a deep conversation with your coachee by using the TLC 360°-feedback instrument
  • Get to know the theoretical background on which the profile is based

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