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This news article was published 31-03-2017

The South Of China Will Never Be The Same

Max out the potential of your organization in the south of China, with interventions that really put value on the table, ensuring individuals, teams and organizations become more effective and purposeful and above all, have impact. Because being world-class has become the minimum requirement to make an impact in China’s extremely volatile business environment.

Starting from this month Schouten China increases its presence in the Southern Greater China region. Day after day we push to exceed the expectations of our customers. With our fully dedicated team in the South we can provide world-class support to our local projects. The one of a kind “Schouten approach” to empower individuals, teams and organizations, will enable companies not only to see better results but the social impact of a more people friendly management style will result in increased talent retention, decreased unemployment and a much better work-life balance

An Award-winning approach

Our impact of this approach is being noticed and in 2016 we received the award by HRoot for being the best Coaching Service Provider in Greater China recognizing the effect of coaching in China’s organizations making them prepared to deal with future challenges. Later in the year, Schouten China was handed the Cathay Pacific China Business Award as we are recognized for our innovation and social impact throughout the region.

Getting closer, more involved.
To be closer to you as our customer and staying involved with day to day and long-term business challenges, we are increasing our presence in the Greater China southern region as we will be represented by Cindy Gong, former Senior L&D Manager at Huawei University. Cindy Gong says: “We can’t wait to service our clients in this great region as the Expert of Learning & Development for both their Personal and Organizational Learning & Development needs with Schouten’s profound experience and insights gathered worldwide over the last 36 years, to bringing clients in Southern China fresh, high impact, real learner-centered and international customized Learning & Development solutions.”

Camiel Gielkens, General Manager of Schouten China shares: “We are excited to be able to serve our clients in the region south with local consulting and operational support as the region south continues to be a key pillar of our growth strategy in China. Our clients can expect a lot of new services from us in the region with a focus on leadership development, coaching and our University programs including our highly-demanded facilitation skill for Professional Trainers and executive leaders.”

About Schouten China
Schouten China helps organizations to unlock and align the potential of individuals, teams and organizations. The company 100% builds capacity and stimulates learning grounded in everyday real work context which results in new ways of thinking and acting focusing on helping people to create what is next. We have had long term cooperation globally with famous company including Mercedes, BMW, DSW, Audi, Siemens, Philips, Novo Nordisk, Amazons, IBM, Bayer, BASF, Huawei, CMB, BYD, Baidu, Lenovo, China Telecom, Mengniu etc.

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