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This news article was published 23-01-2018

CTI and Schouten & Nelissen extend partnership

Existing and future coaches can continue to call on Schouten & Nelissen for CTI’s Co-Active Coaching programs over the next five years. These internationally recognized training courses are provided exclusively by Schouten & Nelissen in the Benelux, Germany, Switzerland and China.

In these Co-Active training courses, you learn to trust the fact that your coachee has the potential to give direction to life and work and make strong choices. The skills and approach of the model enable you to apply your intuition and coach effectively in relation to any desired subject. The Co-Active approach harnesses current insights from positive psychology and brain-based learning.

Vision on development

“The Co-Active ideas fit in seamlessly with our vision,” says Janneke Schenning, Director Schouten University of Applied Sciences. “In our training courses, we use the compass model which focuses on someone’s potential rather than on their impediments. In CTI we’ve found a partner who shares this vision. We are proud of the partnership and look forward to a long-term relationship.”

Largest training firm for coaches

Schouten & Nelissen has provided Co-Active Coach training courses through an exclusive license since 2009. “CTI is always looking for optimal ways to spread Co-Active work in the world, at this time in history more than ever before. So we’re excited to extend our fruitful partnership with Schouten & Nelissen and look forward to continuing the wonderful momentum we are creating together,” says Brian Tucker, Vice-President Global Business at CTI.

CTI is the world’s oldest and largest training organization for coaches. On a worldwide scale, CTI has trained more than 55,000 coaches and employees in over half of the Fortune 100 companies. Not only coaches, but also HR managers, supervisors, L&D professionals and advisors benefit from the effective Co-Active method.

The coach training courses are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the largest professional association for coaches in the world.

Do you wish to develop your skills as a professional coach?

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