Global partner, global presence

Being “world-class” is no longer enough; it’s now simply the minimum required to play in today’s market. Schouten Global stands alone in its ability to fuse broad strategic development resources with the expertise of over 700 professional trainers and coaches located around the globe.

Facts & figures

  • Founded in 1980
  • Delivery experience in over 60 countries
  • Award winning for Innovation, Customer satisfaction and Operational excellence
  • Preferred supplier for successful multinationals

Our services

  • Smart plug&play programs, contextualized to your organization
  • Personalized learning experiences with relevant content
  • A project team that is committed to concrete results
  • Data driven, science based impact measurement
  • A strategy to create learner engagement
  • Advice to set up your Academy and learning services delivery

Our way of working:

  1. We define concrete objectives. We understand the purpose of the program for the business and the people
  2. We cocreate the course or program, with best practices and standard building blocks
  3. We deploy the program and activate our learner engagement plan.
  4. We measure the results constantly and adjust the program in an agile way



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