Training for trainers

International Certified Training For Trainers Program

Soft skill trainers give support to others to reach their full potential. We believe everybody has potential. It is the job of a professional trainer to facilitate others to unleash that potential, so people become happier and more effective at what they do. During the 'Training for trainers' you will learn the necessary skillset to develop the softs skills of others.

What will you learn?
The Training for trainers combines all necessary skills you will need as a professional trainer. Before being rewarded with a recognized certificate you will learn how to:

  • Position your participants in the center
    You are able to position your participant in the center: by conducting a ‘personal goal setting interview’ and using state of the art assessments you will learn to truly understand where your participants come from and what they need to make their next step. What are your participants’ strengths? Values? Dreams? Pains? Worries?
  • Have a real impact on learning- and organizational results
    A good design of your program will help you to put all your knowledge and skills together, while offering your participants enough structure to open up and feel safe. You will learn how to create results by helping your participants to move through different learning stages: to know, to understand and to do. You will also learn how to adapt your design to the different learning styles (KOLB) of your participants.
  • Provide a safe environment and be in contact with all participants
    Every training program has its own challenges: participants without learning goals, who challenge your authority or are maybe too eager to learn and take all the time and energy from others. You will learn how to signal what’s happening in a group, and how to actually use this to help the group and its individual get the most out of their learning experience. Being in true contact with all participants is a crucial component of this approach.
  • All the tools you need to be a professional soft skills trainer
    Participants disengage from their learning if the content of the program, and the didactical Instruments you use do not support their learning goals. Our Training for Trainers program will provide you with all the right learning intervention tools and didactical instruments to really engage your participants and support them in their learning. Doing role plays to experiment with new behavior is a very important intervention tool you will learn to use in your own training programs.
  • Use your ‘whole’ being as a trainer
    During the “Practitioner” phase of the program you will discover your strengths as a trainer and human being and you will have to use your unique parts in the most optimal way during your training programs. Learn how to train ‘by example’ and invite your participants to go outside their comfort zones, learn and grow.

Target group

The target group consists of beginner trainers who can think and work at bachelor level. The learning problems and needs mainly relate to the general characteristics of the profession (for example: what are the required abilities and knowledge for a trainer, how to manage a group, how to perform an exercise, how to deal with the group process, how to design a training course). Additionally, personal qualities, characteristics and skills play a leading role. The participants gain insight into themselves as a trainer, based on the principle: ‘You yourself are the instrument as a trainer’.


When you have completed the TFT program you:

  • are an expert in transmitting knowledge by training
  • help people accelerate their personal development
  • help people to become more successful and more self-confident
  • guide your participants in improving their behavior to achieve what they want in a pleasant and valuable way
  • help people set and reach new goals in life
  • be able to accelerate learning of people and groups by experimental learning methods
  • discuss and comprehend behavioral training and the design of learning processes


The investment in this course is € 5.145,00. Additional costs for catering and facility are € 1.312,50 and for materials € 254,95. All prices are excl. VAT.

Dates & Locations

Monday 20 September 2021 - Amsterdam (EN)Pre-register
Thursday 07 October 2021 - Munich (EN)Pre-register
Friday 05 November 2021 - Utrecht (EN)Pre-register
Tuesday 08 March 2022 - Amsterdam (EN)Pre-register
Friday 01 April 2022 - Munich (EN)Pre-register
Wednesday 18 May 2022 - Rotterdam (EN)Pre-register

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