ORSC | Virtual Intermediate

  • NEW: ORSC Intermediate as an online course in a virtual classroom

Discover relationship systems coaching

Who is this training for?

The ORSC Virtual Intermediate course benefits any professional interested in expanding their leadership and coaching skills. It requires at least a bachelor-level background or mental aptitude and successful completion of an ORSC™ Introductory course (Virtual Fundamentals or ORS@Work). 

Participants come from diverse backgrounds including personal, executive and organisational coaches, leaders and managers, HR, L&D and therapists.

Learning outcomes

The ORSC Virtual Intermediate course gives you the skills you need to help teams and relationships reach their full potential. After completing the ORSC™ Intermediate course:

  • You integrate all ORSC™ tools and methods you’ve acquired
  • You qualify for the ORSC™ certification program
  • You can handle emotional topics in personal/organisational relationships
  • You can overcome highly negative conflict styles
  • You know how inner and outer roles impact relationship stability
  • You can renew relationship structures to avoid ‘role nausea’ and rigidity
  • You can identify critical components of relationship fulfilment

Content of ORSC™ Virtual Intermediate

The ORSC Virtual Intermediate course is a four-part training program that completes your mastery of Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching. It expands on key concepts you learn during the introductory ORSC™ Virtual Fundamentals or ORS@Work courses and is the upper-level training for ORSC™ certification.

Learn to navigate organisational change with this innovative approach to coaching and leadership. During the four modules of the Virtual Intermediate course, you will fully discover the importance of emotions in human relationship systems. You will learn to help others identify their ‘locus of control’, empowering them to embrace change and thrive in relationship settings.

The ORSC Virtual Intermediate course consists of four modules completed in the following order:

  • ORSC™ Intelligence: A roadmap for change 
  • ORSC™ Geography: Roles & structure
  • ORSC™ Path: Vision & potential 
  • ORSC™ Systems Integration: Moving towards mastery

After completion, you receive 72 ICF CCEUs.

Price and package deals

The investment in this course is € 5.420,00 (excl. VAT). 

If you intend to do both Virtual Intermediate and Virtual Fundamentals or ORS@Work or you can register with an attractive package discount. See ORSC | Package deals for more information.



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