Webinar Positive Intelligence

Increase your mental fitness, weaken your inner saboteurs

22 June 2 pm - 3 pm CEST - EXTRA DATE

15 July 2 pm - 3 pm CEST - EXTRA DATE

In his best-selling book Positive Intelligence, author and lecturer Shirzad Chamine describes mental fitness (PQ): the X-factor in performance and happiness. With his work Shirzad helps professionals around the world to train their brain and stop sabotaging themselves.

At Schouten Global we are very proud to be the partner of choice to help roll out the Positive Intelligence movement even further with (Incompany) PQ training. In this webinar we introduce this science based method to you. Our trained PQ coaches Anke Baak and Marcel Thierry guide you through an hour of exciting insights into your mental fitness.

For whom?

This free, English spoken webinar is for anybody who wants to explore Positive Intelligence as a way to strengthen your mental fitness and that of others. Ideal for professionals in HR and L&D who want to explore PQ as a tool to improve happiness and performance in their organization.

Saboteur assessment

When you are faced with a challenge, you might have negative thoughts that hinder you in finding a solution or simply make you feel bad: “I can’t do this”, “What will they think if I make a mistake”, “This isn’t good enough”. Any of these sound familiar? These are your mental Saboteurs at work. They cause all your stress, self-doubt and unhappiness. Luckily, there is a way to train your brain to be more positive!

Join our webinar, prepare by doing your own Saboteur assessment, and make a beginning towards a greater mental fitness!


  • Introduction to mental fitness
  • Research based framework of Positive Intelligence
  • Saboteurs and Sage, with exercise
  • Build your PQ brain
  • Wrap up and Q&A

What will you learn?

  • Why mental fitness makes the difference
  • The Saboteur – Sage framework
  • Three strategies to improve your PQ
  • Find out what your own Saboteurs are
  • How to weaken your Saboteurs and strengthen your Sage

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