Online Workshop Playing to win - how great leaders navigate through difficult times.

In these difficult times, leaders face challenging questions: how to safeguard the continuity of the business? How to innovate and be prepared for the post-corona period? Great leadership is called upon. This workshop is about The Leadership Circle model, which can help you to stay on course and overcome challenges. The workshop includes a tool for self-reflection. Please contact us to organize this online workshop for your team. 

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In a crisis, knowledge, competencies and leadership skills are necessary. But without the right mindset, they are insufficient to stay balanced and focused on the right things. How do we create awareness about the impact beliefs have on the behavior of individual talents, teams and organizations? And ultimately: how do we create awareness in the leadership team about the leadership culture that is needed to determine the right course and stay on it in the storm?

Learn about great leaders’ mindset and leadership pitfalls. Where do you find yourself?

  • Interactive workshop
  • With practical takeaways

‘Playing to win’ 

In our workshop we will introduce a science-based Leadership Framework: The Leadership Circle. This framework brings skills, patterns of thought, leadership styles and stages of human development together. It was developed by Bob Anderson who created this Leadership Framework based on theories from leading experts such as Peter Senge, Karen Horney, Ken Wilbert, Robert Kegan and others. He combined it with empirical leadership data from more than 20,000 leaders from global organizations. It is a proven concept, successfully used in the global practice of Leadership Development for more than 10 years.


We start with the outcomes from our latest Schouten Research survey about resilience, motivation and leadership and the most important challenges leaders are faced with.

  • How to balance long and short term perspective
  • How to balance control and trust while working remotely
  • How do deal with uncertainty
  • How to support your team to do so

We then introduce the Leadership Circle framework as a lens through which we can look at those questions. We will explain the creative dimensions and reactive tendencies in the framework. We will explain and demonstrate the dynamics between reactive and creative behavior in an interactive way.

Self-reflection tool

The workshop includes a quick scan based on the framework. This test helps you to find out what kind of leader you are. Together we will discuss the outcomes and link the model to your own organization.

What will you learn?

After the workshop, you will understand how you can focus on more creative competencies and belief systems, and help others to have that same focus.

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