Essentials of Leadership Program for OSRAM

OSRAM, a global leader in semi-conducter based products and technologies is operating in a highly competitative and difficult market. Innovation and change are a necessity. New leaders, worldwide, must learn new skills in order to manage this situation to OSRAM’s advantage. Thanks to Schouten Global’s Essentials of Leadership program (ELP), participants are enthusiastically applying these new skills - using a new leadership mindset. We're talking with Georg Bachmaier – Senior Director Talent Acquisition & Development and Susanna Schmid-Elsaesser – Senior Consultant Leadership Development about the program.

What happens during the program?
‘At the start, personal leadership and the personal compass are the central focus. The participant considers who he wants be, as a leader and as a person. The participant is given feedback by his leader and together they determine the goals for the program. The participants then each work on their leadership mindset and skills. They reflect, in small groups, on what is already going well and what they want to improve. They also have weekly contact with a scrum buddy, with whom they discuss and evaluate their own daily leadership challenges.’

How do the participants experience it?
‘Our managers have picked up the leadership skills very rapidly. The participants are focused, alert and prepared to step out of their comfort zone. They are challenged - and challenge each other. The atmosphere is, nevertheless, relaxed and trustful. We saw immediate positive effects, in comparison with our old way of working. The proactive can-do attitude makes the biggest difference.’

ATD Award: Excellence in Practice Award
OSRAM and Schouten Global have won an ATD Award for this successfull program. Susanna about the success: 'Basis of the success of ELP was a well thought through concept which meets the needs of our organization and our first time leaders. This could only have been stablished through the co-creation in the development phase of the program. Colleagues from OSRAM business units and HR worked very effectively together with experienced designers and facilitates from Schouten Global. The continuous review and a close partnership between OSRAM and Schouten Global guarantees the permanent up-to-dateness of the program structure and content. The excellent selection of facilitators also supports the ongoing high quality of the program. Due to certain conceptual elements we have been able to establish a higher sustainability of the learnings than before - confirmed by surveys with the managers of the participants.'

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