Why the Steppingstones Behavior Programs?

  • Learn at the speed of business
  • Start with your personal challenges
  • Get small chunks of content
  • Practice with your peers and our facilitators
  • Hybrid learning: wide variety of interventions
  • Personal, adaptive and social

For whom is this interesting?

Steppingstones Behavior Programs are ideal for organizations looking to refresh the soft skills of their managers and employees. Without a big investment in time and money.

The programs are designed for fast and effective learning of specific skills. We define the topics to train together with you, based on your needs and business objectives. Topics can range from communication skills to leadership development.

What does a program look like?

Each program contains a learning path of 5 weeks and includes individual, group sessions and social learning, such as buddy coaching and peer coaching. You can download an example program at the top of the page.

The program consists of different interventions based on our vision on learning. We believe these 6 principles are key to sustainable change in behavior:

  • Autonomy of the learner (choose what & when you want to learn) 
  • Focus on potential and personal ambition (make a personal action plan)
  • Learning by reflecting and doing (implement right away)
  • Cognitive behavioral science as basis
  • Learning in the (work)context (learning on the job)
  • Evidence based (measure progress)

Why start now?

  • Build a learning mindset in your employees
  • Low investment, fast implementation
  • Learning becomes an integrated part of daily work
  • Choose multiple learning paths per year
  • Available for complete online execution

What are your soft skill needs?

Are you interested in the opportunities this program provides? We are always happy to discuss your soft skill needs! Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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