Cultural Transformation

  • Ensure organizational agility
  • Lead sustainable change
  • Break systemic patterns and work with bold moves
  • Create diversity & inclusion
  • Improve generation management
  • Go From a fixed to a growth mindset
  • Create strategic allignment

5 steps to guide you towards your North Star!

Step 1: Defining a North Star & Measurement
Based on your vision, mission & ambition we work with you on defining your  North Star and translating this into a compelling story. The North Star sets the pace for organizational change and the compelling story aligns organizational ambition with individual purposes and passion.

Step 2: Choose your approach to change and design the journey accordingly
At this phase we select the change approach that fits best to your ambition and context. We decide on key projects/programs,  identify key stakeholders and set up a structure to support implementing change. We define bold moves to  break existing patterns in your organization and support making change sustainable.

Step 3: Building capabilities; setting leaders up for success
Change starts with I, so in this process leaders start with themselves, building self awareness and developing their needs, strengths and weaknesses to increase their leadership effectiveness. We also spend a significant amount of time working on their mindset.

Step 4: Get going & Moving; continue learning in the flow of work
In this implementation phase we coach your leaders and change agents on the job and in peer coaching sessions. We want to make sure that we don’t fall back in old patterns & behaviors at this stage. With both individual and small group peer coaching sessions we make sure that leaders remain alert and that they continue to learn and exchange from and with each other.

Step 5: Sustaining & Continuous Improving
At this stage we make sure we maintain momentum. We measure the Return on Change and we consolidate learning and continue to adjust the plan/course if necessary.  We continue to build a shared sense of purpose and intent; keep seeking further ways to “live” and embody the change. We publish, celebrate and recognize successes and progress.


During the program we will use user-data to continuously improve the program and to ensure we realize our goals.