• Pursuit excellence
  • Run effective meetings
  • Lead with purpose
  • Be a conscious leader
  • Succeed as a First-Time Manager
  • Attitudes of the manager
  • Take your leadership to the next level
  • Make Performance Reviews Mean Something
  • Strategies for Effective Talent Management


  • Learn to think in a strategic way
  • Create innovation
  • Enhance your attitude as a leader
  • Grasp the principles of design thinking
  • Manage conflicts
  • Manage diversity
  • Create and relay the vision


  • Ensure accountability in your team
  • Be accountable as a leader
  • Engage remote team members
  • Drive results and motivate
  • Develop & coach people
  • Build a fearless team.
  • Build a successful high performing team
  • Confront the 5 dysfunctions of a team
  • Manage the wellbeing of the team


We know how crucial it is to walk our talk and therefore we:

  • Co-create and co-design together with you, business owners and  and the leaders who are the focus group.
  • Address the outer levels of business challenges, skills and behaviors, and the inner levels of our beliefs, mindsets and attitudes, our thinking and feeling and ultimately our being.
  • Create consciousness and change  in our automated doing and habits through various, sometimes out of the comfort zone interventions.
  • Start with 100% ownership by the leaders, which we realize by letting them set their own compass: who do they want to be as a leader:  challenge them to clarify their ambition, dreams, values, strengths, and learning objectives.
  • Jointly start a leadership journey linking this leadership development  to solving current business challenges such as change, lean, agile and innovation, and as such continuously improving our leadership and business results.