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Being “world-class” is no longer enough; it’s now simply the minimum required to play in today’s market. Schouten Global stands alone in its ability to fuse broad strategic development resources with the expertise of over 700 professional trainers and coaches located around the globe.

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Topics in behavioral skills, leadership and sustainable change


Plus global delivery experience in country's


highly skilled international consultants, trainers and coaches


Clients in all major industries

Why choose us?

Why choose us:

Make a difference for your people and your organization

New jobs and new skills are popping up constantly. Ways of working are changing. At the same time, the business environment is changing fast and vigorously. Managers often are overloaded and confronted with additional tasks all the time. To succeed in the future, your organization needs inspiring leadership and a skilled workforce.

Why choose us?

Mission and Vision

Mission: Release and align the potential of individuals, teams and organizations.
Vision: 'A ship is only as strong as its crew'.

Mission and Vision

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As part of our global strategy we have developed partnerships with prestigious companies. Meet our partners.

Our partners