Vision on learning

Our vision on learning is based on over 40 years of experience and has been proven in practice. We believe everyone can learn based on their personal values, strong points and goals and ambitions. In our learning solutions, we focus on participants behavior, habits and skills. While doing this, we nurture the heart as well as the brain.

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We create our learning solutions based on 6 pillars:

  • Autonomy of the learner
  • Focus on potential and personal ambition 
  • Learning by reflecting and doing 
  • Cognitive behavioral science as basis
  • Learning in the (work)context
  • Evidence based 

Blended learning, a perfect mix

Blended learning changes the way we learn. Learning is a personalized experience, while interacting with and learning from others.

  • A balanced mix of learning interventions
  • Adapted to the subject, goals, learners and work-context
  • Online where we can, face to face where it adds value
  • Variation in learning: audio, visual, by doing and reflecting
  • Coaching both face to face and virtual

Social learning, in the work-context

We work with the 70-20-10 approach: learning with and from others (20) and by doing (70), experimenting and reflecting. Learning happens during training sessions, online and on the work floor. We create an inclusive learning environment where participants can feel save to share experiences and ask questions. We keep the learning relevant for your daily practice.


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