The future of learning is blended!

How to launch a successful blended learning program

By Camiel Gielkens, CEO Schouten & Nelissen

This is how we started our digitalization journey at Schouten & Nelissen. 5 years ago we hardly delivered any blended learning programs. Today I am proud to say that 100% of our global programs are blended.

For over 35 years we had been extremely successful in bringing soft skills to thousands of learners with our face to face programs. And we knew this model was at the end of its life time. Something else was needed:  blended learning. From the beginning we realized that blended learning is so much more than ‘just’ combining digital learning tools with classroom learning.

Blended is fun and impactful

There is so much in store for our participants and their organizations! We organize virtual classes, webinars, digital content, assessments, coaching, games and platforms. This helps them to learn, support and network. We combine micro-, and macro learning. Directed, and self-directed learning. And we ensure learning is always directly related to day to day work. All these elements ensure that the learner is intrinsically motivated to learn and does not feel pushed to participate.

Launching your blended program

So how to put this together and implement an impactful blended program?


Creating a blended learning journey starts with understanding the need and defining the concrete objectives. What is the performance issue? It makes the purpose of the program clear for the business and its people.


Next we work together with our client to design the program, based on our best practices and standard building blocks. For example, we define which parts of the learning experience benefit most from an online, self-study approach. And which parts are better to tackle with a group of colleagues. Should we do this face to face or virtual? At which moment in the learning journey do we add workplace assignments to solidify the learning and give people that added sense of purpose? We often add simple gamification elements such as scores, badges and leaderboards. Additional intrinsic motivators are crafted throughout the program.


The program is tested and then introduced to the whole target group. We activate our learners through our learner engagement plan and kick-offs. In addition, our trainers are online facilitators as well; capable of delivering a great learning experience to the group. Using the learning platform’s social features. This links perfectly to the face-to-face moments (be it in-person when possible, or virtual).


We measure results constantly and adjust the program where and when needed. Our learning platform gives us relevant usage and engagement data. Feedback sessions with the client ensure we have a perfect understanding of how well a program connects to the work floor reality. Together, the datapoints generate information for our project leads to act upon, even during the lifecycle of one learning track.

To make our blended programs even more impactful we invest in Artificial Intelligence to further personalize learning (for instance recommendations based on user appreciation), and generally make use of data and feedback to continuously improve programs. We also use various co-working tools to stimulate social learning.

Bring blended to your organization

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