Summer, time for reflection

Now summer is upon us, we hope you have some well-deserved time off to relax and enjoy. And if we can make a suggestion; take the time for some reflection. Perhaps over a nice campfire, or during a walk on the beach. Schouten Global CEO Camiel Gielkens shares his tips for reflection this summer.

There are always new things on the horizon

We’ve all had to deal with a lot of changes lately. Now in summer, when more things like face-to-face meetings are possible again in many places, it makes me reflect and look ahead. What will we continue, what will we stop and what are we going to do differently?

I think the key question is how to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world. To me, that's real progress; when you, as an individual or an organization, remain relevant to your customers and to society. If you are no longer relevant, you’re standing on the sidelines. And we really need everyone’s help to tackle the challenges we face together.

How to stay relevant

If you want to stay relevant, you want to keep improving. Being alert, looking ahead. Being relevant also means that you have a very good sense of what you are doing, and why those things are important to you. I hope these five tips will help you in your summer reflections:

  1. Find your why, what drives you? What are your personal values, and are they met in your life and work?
  2. Use your full potential. What are your strengths? Developing them even further is proven to be more effective than mitigating your weaker points.
  3. Change your limiting thinking patterns. Everybody has them, those thoughts that hold you back. If you can become conscious of them, you can start finding a more effective mindset.
  4. Strengthen your skills. By developing new skills, you become an even stronger version of yourself. Learning new things stimulates the brain, brings joy and new opportunities!
  5. And last but not least; pay close attention to your physical and mental health. We’ve all seen how important well-being is to us. How can you bring balance in your life?

Contemplating these things over the summer period is a great place to start. To me, staying relevant is a continuous process; a journey that never ends. After all, it was Coelho who said in his book "The Alchemist" that the experience of traveling is more important than reaching your final destination…

Enjoy your summer!