Blog 4 Camiel and Marieke: "What super power do you want to use?"

Camiel Gielkens (CEO) and Marieke Schouten (Director) have an ongoing email conversation about the things they learn in everyday life. Camiel is in doubt. Is he doing things well enough? He recently started following Shirzad Chamine's program on positive intelligence and he asks Marieke: “What super power do you want to use?”

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From: Camiel Gielkens <>
Sent: Monday 19 April 2021
To:  Marieke Schouten <>
Subject: RE: letter


Hi Marieke,

The sun is shining. Here in the Netherlands, it feels like spring is really starting now. Business is going well, too. Projects are running. Colleagues are healthy. And yet I can't really enjoy it (yet). "What's going on here," I ask myself as I write yet my fourth 'letter' to you. We are now over twelve months into this 'Corona time' and I feel like I have had enough. How I miss going to the zoo with the kids. To visit my favorite museum, Huis van Marseille, with my wife Eva. Or to start training with the help of our fitness guru Richard, to lose my five corona kilos. Am I actually doing well enough? Shouldn't I be doing a lot more for my family, friends, not to mention our clients and colleagues?

I am trying to imagine what you would say to me now if I came to you with this story. Knowing you, you would say something like this: "What opportunity is here for you?" or "What will this bring you?". Good questions! As you know, I'm passionate about the work Shirzad Chamine is doing in the field of positive intelligence. He talks about five super powers that help you be powerful. He talks about empathy, being curious, innovating, navigating and activating (check out his Tedx speech for more info on these 5 super powers).

I'm going to focus on empathy for the rest of the week. And especially for myself. Good is good enough! And doing nothing for once is also fine. I will of course let you know what it brought me. Which one jumps out for you? Curious what you take from this. Take care and see you soon.

Best, Camiel


From: Marieke Schouten <>
Sent: Monday 26 April 2021
To: Camiel Gielkens <>
Subject: RE: letter


Hello Camiel,

What an insight! And pretty relatable.In a conversation with my coach I found I’m a person with high energy levels. I knew this already, but it was an eye opener to learn I give this energy mainly to others and to projects. Because when it comes to myself I have a strong inner Judge who sees sitting still as something negative. Inspired by you, among others, I also started to study Positive Intelligence by 'your' Shirzad Cahmine, because I want to be able to sit still, as it also gives me a lot of energy and new ideas.

One of the components is to take a saboteur test (see bottom of this blog). Now, I was already familiar with saboteurs through Co-active coaching, but this was next-level saboteur insight, so to speak. Turns out I have some cool saboteurs on the bench: Restless, Controller and Hyper Achiever, all at a shared first place. One by one they come and mess with my mind. In combination with my strong Judge, it was time for a challenge.

Long story short, in addition to the so-called PQ exercises, I accepted the challenge ‘to just be’. This means that I create space for myself (planned and unplanned) and reward myself instead of judging myself. So I too, have employed Shirzad's superpower of empathy. And honestly, I find it very hard! Change does not come in one day, that’s for sure. Take small steps and persevere and above all, focus on your successes in order to shut up those saboteurs and Judge. How did you do? I’m curious!

All the best,


Ps. For our readers: do you want to know what your mental saboteurs are? Do the free test at Saboteurs | Positive Intelligence


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