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Co-Active Coaching | Virtual Intermediate

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  • 10 - 23 Teilnehmer
  • Language icon Englisch und Niederländisch
  • The second phase of becoming a professional Co-Active® coach
  • Position yourself to become an ICF-accredited Co-Active® coach
  • Promotes higher performance, stronger connections and deeper fulfillment

Coach confidently, in your own unique style

Who is this training for?

Co-Active® Coaching is a proven transformational coaching method, embraced by independent and internal coaches in professional and private coaching settings. The methods are  also ideal for (HR) managers, L&D professionals, trainers, teachers and anyone whose work involves helping others achieve their full potential. Participants must have completed the Co-Active® Coaching Fundamentals course (in-person or virtual).

Learning outcomes

The Co-Active Coaching Virtual Intermediate course teaches you how to: 

  • Use visualization and imagery to help clients define their futures 
  • Support people in discovering their values, purpose and potential
  • Identify your clients’ self-defeating influences 
  • Coach clients for opportunity-based rather than circumstance-based planning 
  • Create a plan using our innovative 'right brain' planning method 
  • Use techniques to get clients to take dynamic, sustainable, effective action
  • Coach your client using the principles of fulfillment, balance and process

Changing people, transforming lives

Content of Co-Active® Coaching Virtual Intermediate

The Co-Active® model focuses on the individual as a whole, not just one aspect of their lives. As a result, it does not compartmentalize people. It sees everyone as multi-faceted and dynamic.

As a coach, the Co-Active® model allows you to work on whichever topic(s) your client chooses. Whether a client wants coaching on boardroom challenges, career development or relationships, Co-Active® coaching gives you the tools to meet their needs more effectively. 

Coach any client on any topic, with the coaching world’s most flexible and proven model at your fingertips. Here’s what to expect in the Intermediate course: 

  • In-depth training on all aspects of the Co-Active® coaching model 
  • Preparation for the ICF-accredited Co-Active Certification level 
  • Courses taught in English, unless stated otherwise (Dutch, German or Chinese)

The Co-Active® Intermediate program consists of four parts:

  1. Fulfillment: Finding deeper meaning and satisfaction in life
  2. Balance: Powerful choices and effective actions
  3. Process: The full richness of every moment
  4. Synergy: Co-Active Coaching 

Package deals

The Co-Active® program consists of three parts: Fundamentals, Intermediate and Certification. If you intend to do both Fundamentals and Intermediate you can register with an attractive package discount. See Co-Active Coaching | Package deals for more information.


3 Tage
Englisch und Niederländisch
10 - 23 Teilnehmer

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14 August 2020

09:00AM - 17:00PM
Virtual - English

28 Oktober 2020

09:00AM - 01:30PM
Virtual - English

9 Dezember 2020

09:00AM - 01:30PM
Virtual - Dutch

5 Februar 2021

09:00AM - 17:00PM
Virtual - English


Für Kurse in Deutschland und Österreich:
Andreas Kömmling T: +49 (0)2302 964 21 20

Für Kurse in der Schweiz:
Esther Goette T: +41 (0)229001031



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