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The Virtual Sales Academy is an online and mobile learning platform with sales content created by subject matter experts. All sales topics provide insights on how to conduct sales activities both virtually and face to face.

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Basic level modules – Master the essentials of selling

7 modules to learn basic sales skills such as making appointments, identifying needs and negotiating.

What are the three factors of a successful sale? With e-learning and quiz test.

Module 1

The keys to successful selling

Learn to find effective responses with a training actor. With e-learning and group session.

Module 4

Identifying needs and motivations

Prepare your first impression and practice with a training actor. With e-learning and virtual group session.

Module 3

Getting the first 5 minutes right

A guide through the tricky phase of decision making by the customer. With a peer coaching session and extra RET theory in a group session.

Module 7

Sealing the deal

5-step approach to an effective pitch. With e-learning an feedback from the group.

Module 5

Making a convincing pitch

Turn objections into opportunities using 5 techniques. With e-learning and practicing with a training actor.

Module 6

Dealing with objections

Practice your preparation and get feedback from others. With e-learning and group session.

Module 2

Preparing to talk to your prospects

Advanced level modules – Specific to your needs

If you want to master specific skills, you can choose the advanced level in which you become proficient in topics such as sales time management, sales presentation, successful negotiation. You can choose any number of these 9 modules:

Create impact with excellent listening, summarizing and questioning skills. With e-learning and practicing with a training actor.

Communication and listening skills

The seven steps to create win-win negotiations. With e-learning and practicing with a training actor.

Negotiation skills

Create sales presentations that convince every customer. With e-learning and virtual group session.

Sales presentations

Improve your efficiency with goal setting, prioritizing and territory management. With e-learning and peer coaching session.

Sales time management

Coach your sales reps into sales champions. With e-learning and practicing with a training actor.

Sales management / sales coaching

Create impact with excellent questioning skills. With e-learning and practicing with a training actor.

Inquiry based conversations

Project management skills and aligning your organization with the customer. With e-learning and virtual group session.

Key account management

Empathy mapping and working with personas to meet customers’ expectations. With e-learning and virtual group session.

Customer centricity

Three crucial approaches to increase customer life time value. With e-learning and practicing with a training actor.

Cross selling, up selling and deep selling

What can you expect?

  • Advise from our subject matter experts to set-up the academy
  • We will co-create the scope with you
  • Customized online platform with best in class content
  • Define KPI’s to measure impact with our effect scans
  • Online and mobile platform with great learner experience

Why start now?

  • Virtual sales have never been so important 
  • Easy and quick access to the latest sales content
  • Accessible from any where at any time
  • Scalable and can be delivered at any location with more than 18 languages
  • For all levels of learners 
  • Personalized because learners choose what they want to learn

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