Learning journeys that improve your business

Keystone Behavior Portfolio are a complete range of learning journeys. We call them keystone behaviors because they form the strong core structure of a vital, agile, and thriving organization.

Improving these skills leads to more effective processes, more creativity, better relationships in the workplace and breakthrough business results.

For whom is this program interesting?

The Keystone Behavior Programs are designed for organizations who seek to continuously develop their employees and in doing so create a common way of working and a learning culture.

The Keystone Model gives an overview of essential behavioral skills. Choosing which keystones to apply will depend on the context and ambition of your organization.

The Keystone Model

The model is based upon four quadrants and a connecting circle: managing yourself, managing interaction, managing teams and managing change. The model can be used for individuals, teams and organizations. In total there are 20 off the shelf blended learning journeys. Each journey is a training program of eleven weeks.

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Blended learning

In the Keystone Portfolio we combine our proven classroom and virtual instructor-led training courses with the learning content of our partner CrossKnowledge. This way, we create blended learning journeys combing the best of two worlds.

Why start now?

  • Close the skills gap and prepare for the future
  • Create a learning culture for flexibility & innovation
  • Learn in a context of change and on the job
  • Blended learning with measurable results

Ready to roll out the Keystone Behavior Programs in your organization?

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