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Essentials of Leadership Program for OSRAM

OSRAM, a global leader in the lighting market, is experiencing international competition. Innovation and change are a necessity. New leaders, worldwide, must learn new skills in order to manage this situation to OSRAM’s advantage. Thanks to Schouten Global’s Essentials of Leadership program (ELP), participants are enthusiastically applying these new skills - using a new leadership mindset.

OSRAM is one of the largest lighting manufacturers in the world and is active in 120 countries. Lucia Ramminger (left in photo) is global Head of Learning Management at OSRAM. Friederike Willems (center) is ELP Project Manager. Richard Lothholz (right) is Global Head of Sales Automotive Lamps and LED, and is one of the business representatives who supported the design of this program as part of the co-creation team together with Schouten Global.

OSRAM wants to train its future leaders in new management skills. These skills are necessary to enable innovation in a rapidly changing, keenly competitive market. Important skills in this context include decision-making, conflict management, dealing with change and employee motivation.

ELP is an innovative customized program, based on Schouten Global’s Compass Vision: knowing your ambitions and capabilities makes it easier to hold course towards achieving your objectives. The main themes of this program are increasing self-awareness using mindfulness techniques, consciously identifying daily goals and wishes and devising one’s own compass.

The behavior of participants changes rapidly once training commences. They become more proactive and a ‘go for it’ attitude develops: ‘If it is to be, it is up to me’. Participants challenge each other in this - and want, in turn, to be challenged. Their newly acquired skills are immediately applied to management issues arising in their daily work.

Why did OSRAM introduce this leadership program?
‘At the moment everything at OSRAM is about change - we’re involved with it on a daily basis.’ OSRAM’s CEO, Olaf Bertien, has a clear perspective on innovation and growth. ‘We face challenges such as decision making, conflict management, dealing with change and employee motivation, which require an innovative mindset and new leadership skills. Which is why it’s important to prepare our new managers for the changes we’re facing now and in coming years, and strengthen OSRAM’s competitive position.’

Why choose Schouten Global?
‘We asked Schouten Global to propose a training program on the recommendation of our American division. It’s vital for OSRAM that the training course participants can immediately apply their new skills to the leadership issues they experience in their daily work. Schouten Global’s pitch, in 2014, convinced us that they could create a customized training program that would meet this requirement. Perhaps it was the openness of the Dutch mindset that persuaded us.’

What comprises the ELP program?
‘The ELP program comprises three training modules and includes tasks via the digital learning platform and interim intervision meetings. Each module lasts two-and-half days and takes place in rural surroundings, far from the work environment, so that managers can concentrate fully on the course.’


What happens during the program?
‘At the start, personal leadership and the personal compass are the central focus. The participant considers who he wants be, as a leader and as a person. The participant is given feedback by his leader and together they determine the goals for the program. The participants then each work on their leadership mindset and skills. They reflect, in small groups, on what is already going well and what they want to improve. They also have weekly contact with a scrum buddy, with whom they discuss and evaluate their own daily leadership challenges.’

How do the participants experience it?
‘Our managers have picked up the leadership skills very rapidly. The participants are focused, alert and prepared to step out of their comfort zone. They are challenged - and challenge each other. The atmosphere is, nevertheless, relaxed and trustful. We saw immediate positive effects, in comparison with our old way of working. The proactive can-do attitude makes the biggest difference.’

More information?
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