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The Keystone model

The keystone model gives an overview of essential leadership skills that drive business results. Depending on the ambition of your organization and the context in which it is operating, a specific set of keystones is relevant. An established company going through a major change process in a globalizing market will need to focus on different keystones than a young emerging business striving to grow 10 times its size in the next five years.


The keystone model is based on four quadrants and a connecting circle. The quadrants relate to business maturity and different roles in the organization. The circle represents those skills that are essential for successful interaction. The keystone model can be used for individuals, teams and organizations.


We help your organization determine which keystones are essential to drive your overall business performance. Your set of company keystones form a solid foundation for a corporate academy.


At team level, we assess which skills are essential to get the best results from your team.


For managers and individual contributors, we develop learning journeys that ensure future success. Specific keystones are selected, based on their ambitions, unique talents, role in the organization and level of business maturity.

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