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The drive for efficiency with Schouten Research
In a constantly changing market, it is increasingly important to be resilient and agile. This requires a lot from your people and from you. Therefore, it is important to know that your HR policies and interventions will produce the results you are looking for. This starts with a sharp analysis of your current situation. Then periodic monitoring to measure the effects of your policies and interventions, showing you when and where possible adjustments should be made.

Schouten Research is a unique cooperation between Erasmus University Rotterdam and Schouten. We develop and exploit survey instruments that are scientifically sound and are of practical use. With these surveys, our clients take advantage of reliable insights on which they base their Human Resources strategy.

Download below our valuable surveys and productsheets.

Employability activation program
For organizations to be agile, it is vital that employees are optimally employable. Sustainable employability requires employees to take control of their own development and to proactively optimize their person-job fit. Do your employees fit with their jobs? Do they show ownership and intrapreneurship in terms of their personal development and market value? Do they feel energetic and vital? How agile and employable are they, now and in the future?

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Schouten Research Effect Scan
The Effect Scan measures the effects of the learning and development programs. It provides insight into four core dimensions: learning environment and transfer - and the effects on the individual, behavior and organization.

Effect Scan >

Schouten Research Engagement Surveys
High-value services play an increasingly important role in our economy. The importance of ‘human capital’ is therefore also growing. Highquality ‘human capital’.

Engagement Surveys >

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