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Leadership development

The global business environment is characterized by escalating complexity. The expectation of leaders is to keep transforming the organization in response to rapid changing market conditions and to challenge and support employees to achieve high performance in this volatile and uncertain environment.

“You can only lead others when you are able to lead yourself.’’

The individual is the starting point for sustainable change; personal growth leads to improved team performance, better leadership and better results for the organization. We empower leaders and leadership teams by letting them experience freedom of choice and to encourage them to act authentically in all situations, both in their work and their private life.

Learning and development happens in the context of your organization. Research shows that by creating a work environment that favorably balances resources (energy factors) against demands (stress factors), a climate can be created which accelerates development and its effectiveness. Inspirational and connected leadership will be transferred to generations in your organization and ensure that the company DNA is embodied in everyone involved. Investing in the development of talent and leadership is crucial, no matter the size of your organization. People are always the key to achieving lasting results that lead your company to the next level. Enabling your leaders to bring value to the table in a sustainable way is crucial to assure long-term success.

Schouten Global acts as an accelerator of leadership development and transformation. In our vision the development of leaders is of strategic importance, therefore we encourage our clients to review the effectiveness of their individual and collective leadership.
We know how crucial it is to walk our talk and therefore we:

  • Co-create and co-design together with you and the leaders who are targeted
  • Address the outer levels of business challenges, skills and behaviors, and the inner levels of our beliefs, mindsets and attitudes, our thinking and feeling
  • Create consciousness and disruption in our automated doing and habits through various interventions
  • Start with 100% ownership by the leaders, which we realize by letting them set their own compass: who do they want to be as a leader: their ambition, dreams, values, strengths, and learning objectives,
  • Jointly start a leadership journey linking this leadership to current business challenges such as change, lean, agile and innovation, and as such continuously improving our leadership and business results.

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