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Training Stakeholder engagement

  • Time icon 2 consecutive days
  • 10-14
  • Language icon In English or local language (on request)

Stakeholder engagement

Course description

To be effective in a world of change, it is essential to involve the right people at the right time. Stakeholders include those people who may be affected by decisions as well as those who can drive or influence implementation of change. Some will be supportive and others may oppose. In any case, it is vital to engage people who are influential in the organization or community in which they operate.

Stakeholder engagement promotes a better understanding of the possible impact of decisions and influences the success of their implementation. Various styles of engagement can be employed for different audiences to manage expectations.

Stakeholder engagement requires a major shift in mindset, moving from considering stakeholders’ issues as outside concerns to treating them as serious topics that merit dialogue. Engaging effectively requires a collaborative approach and high quality communication skills.

The ability to build rapport and trust is crucial. In this course, you will be provided with the awareness, knowledge and skills you need to establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with internal and external stakeholders.


By the end of the course, you are able to:

  • have strengthened your vision of stakeholder engagement
  • be able to identify stakeholders by influence and interest
  • be able to see how your preconceived ideas about stakeholders influence your relationships
  • know how to build trustful and beneficial relationships
  • be able to align your personal values, talents and ambition with your stakeholder engagement activities
  • assure continuous growth relating to stakeholder engagement (Post Work Action Plan)

Target audience

  • Managers and individual contributors operating at management level

Leadership behaviors

  • Building rapport
  • Building trust
  • Strategic thinking


2 consecutive days
In English or local language (on request)

Course outline

All our courses are based on learning by doing. We initiate and accellerate learning journeys through interactive assignments, presentations, group exercises, buddy coaching, discussions, personal case studies and action planning.

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