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Training Problem solving & decision making

  • Time icon 2 consecutive days
  • 10-14
  • Language icon In English or local language (on request)

Problem solving & decision making 

Course description

As the world becomes more complex and our work increasingly interdependent, solving problems and making decisions is more challenging than ever before. The rational application of tools and algorithms no longer suffices. It involves an active interest in what drives stakeholders in and around the decision making unit.

Using a structured approach to problem solving enables you to broaden your range of creative solutions and ultimately make higher quality decisions. You will also become more comfortable dealing with uncertainty and ambiguity.

During this course, you will work with a challenging and complex case from your own work environment. In doing so, you will become aware of your own preferences and pitfalls. You will conduct an exploratory stakeholder analysis to map the problem environment and assess the consequences and impact the problem can have. This will lead to a SMART problem definition that is a clear entry point for your data collection.

During the second day of the course, you will delve deeper into root cause analysis and select the cause on which you wish to focus. You will practice generating a broad range of ideas for new solutions and bringing them back to practical solutions. This gives you solid ground for sustainable solutions which are supported by stakeholders and which may have great impact in your organization.


By the end of the course, you are able to:

  • select and define problems, assessing their wider consequences and impact
  • assess different stakeholder perspectives, risks and barriers to action
  • take informed decisions and feel comfortable dealing with uncertainty and ambiguity in decision making
  • contribute confidently to group decision making
  • analyze problems to identify root causes
  • identify realistic solutions to achieve continuous improvement
  • apply a creative approach in the development of these solutions

Target audience

  • Managers and individual contributors operating at management level

Leadership behaviors

  • Problem analysis
  • Decisiveness
  • Creativity
  • Organizational awareness


2 consecutive days
In English or local language (on request)

Course outline

All our courses are based on learning by doing. We initiate and accellerate learning journeys through interactive assignments, presentations, group exercises, buddy coaching, discussions, personal case studies and action planning.

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