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Training Personal effectiveness

  • Time icon 2 consecutive days
  • 10-14
  • Language icon In English or local language (on request)

Personal effectiveness

Course description

As our world becomes increasingly complex and challenging, it becomes more difficult to focus on what is important and what will really move you forward. In this course, you will discover more about your values and talents and how they can help you identify your personal ambition and move towards it.

This requires making powerful choices that trigger your intrinsic motivation. The resulting change is sustainable because you are committed to the results.

In this course, you will make the connection between being who you really want to be and your actions. What will you say yes and no to? How can you communicate effectively about what you feel strongly about? You will also learn how to ‘stay in the moment’ and focus on subtle communication signals from yourself and others. You will recognize your pitfalls and stress signals and develop techniques to turn them into new opportunities. Building on your values and talents, you will enhance your communication style and behavior authentically and ultimately achieve higher performance for yourself and your organization.


By the end of the course, you are able to:

  • make a clear connection between your values and ambitions and your personal effectiveness and performance
  • make powerful choices and take accountability for your actions
  • communicate in an authentic and transparent manner, applying the principles of physical and emotional intelligence
  • recognize and deal with your pitfalls in personal effectiveness
  • manage your stress signals effectively by relating them back to your values and powerful choices
  • apply mindfulness techniques to stay ‘in the moment’ and focus on subtle communication signals
  • improve the impact of your own communication style and behavior, resulting in higher performance

Target audience

  • Managers and individual contributors operating at management level

Leadership behaviors

  • Self-awareness
  • Stress management
  • Self-management


2 consecutive days
In English or local language (on request)

Course outline

All our courses are based on learning by doing. We initiate and accellerate learning journeys through interactive assignments, presentations, group exercises, buddy coaching, discussions, personal case studies and action planning. 

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