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Take control of coaching within your organization
Coaching has the potential to be the most effective intervention for personal development. With the emphasis on potential. Because many organizations have little, or no grip on the use of coaching. Managers prefer working with coaches they already know. Employees tend to focus more on a good conversation than the outcome. HR and Purchasing don’t have all the information they need to make good decisions. That can be different, starting today.

Studies show that coaching is not used optimally as an HR instrument. This is too bad, because coaching needs a structured approach. A structured approach generates a higher return and produces greater measurable returns. Schouten Global makes coaching the full and effective intervention that it should always be, enabling your organization to use coaching to its full potential. It does this through management with a strong vision and an integrated approach.

Strategic partner in coaching
Coaching has everyone’s attention. It is a generally accepted and effective intervention for personal
development. At the same time, organizations are not used to reviewing the use and effectiveness
of coaching. Schouten Global brings new perspectives. Together with our clients we build a structure for all coaching activities. For individuals and at organizational level. Our offerings include Personal coaching, Team coaching and Managed Coaching Services.

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