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A values based approach to learning...

Our approach to learning & development is based on the compelling power of the compass. It starts with the discovery of the core, our values. During this process, we create the foundation for a compelling, intensely motivational ambition. This in turn helps fuel and accelerate the learning process. Because we can identify with our ambition, we are able to make powerful choices, leading to transformational and sustainable change.


...built on talents...

Intrinsic motivation provides the driving force needed to release active and hidden talents. Development advances with a much more positive mindset, as talents are recognized and built upon. Not only is it a more pleasurable development process, it's been proven to accelerate learning, increase creativity, stimulate engagement, and improve the decision making process.

...by applying new proven theories...

Besides using the latest insights from positive psychology and brain-based learning, the Compass Model acknowledges the role of restraints. As we release our full potential, it is inevitable that restraints will continue to appear. But through the power of our mindset, we are now much better equipped to deal with them.

...to achieve more effective behavior...

Learning and development happens in a context. Research shows that by creating a work environment which favorably balances resources (energy factors) agains demands (stress factors), a climate can be created which not only increases the effectiveness of development, but also accelerates it.

This approach ultimately leads to sustainable individual, team and organizational results. Which, in turn, translate directly into improved business results.




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