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Customized Solutions

Our portfolio covers a rich suite of learning and development solutions that support your organization in leading your business to high performance.

Leadership development

Create effective leaders with the most complete leadership development intervention available today.

Essential behavioral skills

Empower yourself with our full range of professional courses to get everything out of your career.

Coaching services

Coaching as the effective intervention that it should be. Enabling your organization to use it to its full potential.

Schouten Research

Schouten Research develops and exploits survey instruments that are scientifically sound and of practical use for our clients.

Managed Coaching Services

MCS provides you with a state of the art global coach desk with a dedicated pool of premium coaches.

Managed Learning Services

Managed Learning Services helps unburden companies in the field of learning & development.

Talent Development

We design effective programs for the development of your talented young professionals.

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